Let the Kidman In

Nicole is still quite the hottie

Anti-Twilighters probably have a soft spot for Tomas Alfredson's low-budget gem LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, if not do yourself a favor and check it out before the proposed remake ruins it completely. In the mean time, the director's next project is finally moving ahead with a new leading lady/producer.

Charlize Theron's departure from Alfredson's THE DANISH GIRL left the door wide open for Nicole Kidman to star and produce via her Blossom Films set-up. Which I guess is a good thing, Kidman's name still being pretty big even though most of her last 10 films either stank or bombed. I guess it's all in that amazing nose of hers. That thing should win an Oscar of its own to whomever designed it!

The film, adapted from David Ebershoff's fact-based novel, concerns "Danish painter Einar Wegener (Kidman), who in 1931 became the first person to go through a sex-change operation to become a woman." I would've seen Tilda Swinton play that kind of role, but hey, if Nicole wants a second Oscar that one's probably the golden ticket.

Extra Tidbit: Kidman was surprisingly scary in GOLDEN COMPASS. She should look into playing more evil bitches.
Source: Variety



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