Leterrier finds Strays

It's been kinda lost in all the hoopla surrounding THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but what a giant leap forward it was for director Louis Leterrier. When the project was first announced, I'll be honest and admit that I wasn't sure he was the right guy for the film. But boy, did he prove me wrong. It's not just Edward Norton and the special FX that makes that movie work - it's Leterrier. Not only that, he's a top-notch guy to boot. As you might expect, the offers are pouring in for him and it looks like he's selected his next project. Leterrier is in negotiations to develop and direct STRAYS, an action thriller set up at Summit Entertainment. Written by Michael Ross (TURISTAS), the film follows a group of young businessmen who, while on a business trip, mysteriously awaken in an abandoned and radioactive city. There they must fight for their survival and attempt to escape. It's not a project that has a definite start date so if Marvel is smart, they might try to get Leterrier to sign a HULK 2 deal before he starts working on other projects...

Extra Tidbit: Leterrier was a PA on ALIEN: RESURRECTION.



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