Leto is a Nobody

I'm sure you people will disagree, because he's oh so dreamy and let's face it, the front man of a rock band, but I don't particularly like Jared Leto. It might be the skinny jeans. I don't know. Anyway, he's signed on to a really cool sounding project called MR NOBODY. Leto will play Nemo Nobody, who at 120 years old is the last mortal, surrounded by happy immortals as he relives his happy and unhappy years of marriage. I'm not sure that I can totally wrap my head around that but I like it.

I have to say that the boy can pick some projects. He's worked with Dave Fincher, Oliver Stone, Terrence Malick and of course, JoBlo.com's alleged favourite, Darren Aronofsky. He's also done the dirty with Scarlett Johansson, so he's had pretty much my ideal life already. And skinny jeans aside, he's a pretty damn good actor. Sarah Polly (DAWN OF THE DEAD) will co-star and Jaco van Dormael (THE EIGHTH DAY), whose last film was released in 1996, will direct.
Extra Tidbit: Leto's band, of course, is '30 Seconds to Mars'.



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