Leung makes a U-turn

A U-turn of sorts, anyway. It seems there may in fact be a light at the end of the tunnel for John Woo's chinese epic, THE BATTLE OF RED CLIFF, since in a remarkable turnaround, Tony Leung has now re-joined the project, possibly to play the role that Chow Yun Fat recently vacated.

As we know, Chow Yun Fat (who was supposed to be playing the lead role of Zhou Yu) left the project a couple of days ago and Tony Leung had left a couple of weeks previous, so who knows what's going on here. Producer Terence Chang did not make it clear if Leung was hired to take over the role that Chow had vacated, or if he is to re-claim the role he was originally slated to play (of Zhouge Liang). Whichever it is would be strange enough.

I've stated before that I thought the loss of Leung was a bigger deal than the loss of Chow and I still think that now, so I think to hear that Leung has come back to the project is fantastic news. I do look forward to some more weird stuff happening though, like Chow Yun Fat returning to play Leung's old role, or maybe if Paris Hilton was cast to play Jesus. Who knows?
Extra Tidbit: Leung has been called 'the Asian Clark Gable'.



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