Levin on Watchmen

Lloyd Levin is a producer who worked on WATCHMEN. He recently wrote an open letter about the whole ordeal and it's a pretty interesting read, engaging the issue while simultaneously not being identical to what everyone else has been saying for the past month. I've included some of it and then a link to the full thing BELOW:

An open letter.

Who is right? In the Watchmen dispute between Warner Brothers and Fox that question is being discussed, analyzed, argued, tried and ruled on in a court of law. That's one way to answer the question - It is a fallback position in our society for parties in conflict to resolve disputes. And there are teams of lawyers and a highly regarded Federal Judge trying to do just that, which obviates any contribution I could make towards answering the "who is right" question within a legal context. But after 15 plus years of involvement in the project, and a decade more than that working in the movie business, I have another perspective, a personal perspective that I believe important to have on the public record.

No one is more keenly aware of the irony of this dispute than Larry Gordon and I who have been trying to get this movie made for many years. There's a list of people who have rejected the viability of a movie based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's classic graphic novel that reads like a who's who of Hollywood.

We've been told the graphic novel is unfilmable.

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Extra Tidbit: Hopefully no more articles about WATCHMEN. Save for that it will be released on schedule.
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