Levine gets Positive

I had the pleasure of seeing THE WACKNESS tonight, and an even great pleasure at seeing the film's director Jonathan Levine introduce the film, and do a Q&A after. I couldn't believe how young he was, but considering the hip-hop style of THE WACKNESS, it makes sense. I knew this was also the guy whose debut was ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, and never imagined him as this chilled-out, New York film jock. No one asked Levine about his next projects (their questions focused on the film itself), but why ask when you have The Hollywood Reporter on your side?

The Reporter is reporting (it's what they do) that Levine has two projects lined up. The first is called POSITIVE, a thriller about a guy who heads to Martha's Vineyard to spend time with his fiancee's parents, only to be seduced by her sister? Thriller? That sounds more like a fantasy to me. The second film is the wonderfully-titled ECHELON VENDETTA, about a CIA "cleaner" in charge of keeping their secrets from the public. When he investigates the death of a friend, he finds out there's more to it.

Levine is writing both projects, but as of now is only set to direct POSITIVE. While he did a great job writing THE WACKNESS, he didn't write MANDY LANE, but apparently directed the hell out of it. Can someone say new talent?

Extra Tidbit: The film's stars Olivia Thirlby and Josh Peck were also there. She's mad hot, yo.



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