Levy goes Way Back

Shawn Levy was looking to make THE HARDY MEN, that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller comedy, his next film but when they decided to completely rewrite the script, Levy found some time. So he was just flipping through undeveloped scripts at Fox and came across one from rookies Nat Faxon and Jim Rash titled THE WAY BACK. Levy read it and in a screenwriters dream, rushed it to Fox where it was greenlit immediately. Three weeks ago it was a project no one knew about and, more importantly, no one cared about and now it's getting ready to begin filming in June. Pretty impressive boys. The movie follows the friendship between a young boy and a man who works at a local water park. Over one summer, the boy learns to reconnect with his mother and stand up to his bullying stepfather. Will he shove him in a wood chipper like STEPFATHER III? Guess you'll have to wait and find out, huh? Levy has set the film up at Searchlight and the film was have a decidedly more indie feel than some of his other films (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, THE PINK PANTHER).

Extra Tidbit: Faxon starred in the shortlived Fox series "Happy Hour" which was cancelled after six episodes last fall.
Source: Variety



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