Levy hops on Steel

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Remember that Shaq stinker from the mid-90s? Well that's got nothing to do with it, nor the DC character it trampled. REAL STEEL is instead a sci-fi action/drama about robots and boxing. Like Sock'em Robots, but, you know, as a movie. Heck, it can't be worse than a ViewMaster movie...

Dreamworks and producer Robert Zemeckis have inked a deal with NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM helmer Shawn Levy to take over the reigns from Jonathan Mostow, which I guess is a good move. Mostow knows action but his T3 was just plain boring, while Levy might've made that PINK PANTHER mistake but I found both MUSEUMs surprisingly entertaining.

Remains to be seen if his involvement will bring a more family-friendly fare or stay the action-drama course. I vote drama. Although that would make it strangely similar to a classic Twilight Zone episode about robot boxing, where Lee Marvin steps into the ring to replace his malfunctioning fighter. Come think of it, that episode was called "Steel". LAWSUIT!!!!!

The film, about a father and son who take their bot to the league Championship of Robot Boxing, goes into production only next year.

Extra Tidbit: That Twilight Zone episode was written by Richard Matheson, he of I Am Legend and other great stories.
Source: Variety



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