Levy is father figure

Say what you will about Shawn Levy…no seriously, say what ever you want. I don’t know the guy, nor have I ever seen any of his films. With a filmography that includes CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, JUST MARRIED, and THE PINK PANTHER, can you blame me? I will say this about Mr. Levy though: he was born in Montreal, Canada, and I f*ckin’ love that town.

According to Variety, Levy has attached himself to direct the upcoming FATHER FIGURE, about a bachelor who offers to take care of his widowed sister and her kids after a family tragedy. I’m guessing the brother doesn’t fall in love with his sister in the process, because this is a Shawn Levy film, not a Todd Solondz one. Levy is already attached the direct the action comedy HARDY MEN, with Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise, and is looking to start shooting the sequel to NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM this spring.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who confuses Shawn Levy with Adam Shankman?
Source: Variety



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