Lewis' Avatar song

Are you ready to hear “My Heart Will Go On” for the new millennium?

The main theme for AVATAR is called “I See You” and it's sung with conviction by Leona Lewis, though I’m left unconvinced that it’s going to win any Oscars. It’s got a bit of electronica at the beginning, then slides into a bit of a LION KING tribal vibe near the end. And of course, throughout, Lewis belts out note after note with lyrics that are some variation of “I see you” over and over again. What does that even mean?

Here’s a sample excerpt:

"I see me through your eyes

Breathing new life, flying high

Your love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life as a sacrifice

I live through your love"

Ohhh, see ME through YOUR EYES. Like because he’s a human in an alien body? FLYING HIGH, like he’s riding on the back of rainbow colored dragon bird? SACRIFICE as in….oh shit, he dies at the end doesn’t he? Did Leona Lewis really just spoil this entire movie with her goddamn song? Maybe it's just a metaphor.

Watch the video below, which is less a video and more a song accompanied by a picture of Leona Lewis.

Extra Tidbit: I vote they make this the AVATAR theme. Play that over a muted version of this trailer and tell me it doesn't fit.
Source: JoBlo



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