Li the new Mummy?

Jet Li IGN recently dropped a scoopish load about the upcoming third installment in THE MUMMY franchise. While the bulk of the news revolved around the fact that this time around Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz' son Alex, now a strapping young lad in his early 20s, takes center stage, they relayed this little nugget from a would-be scooper: "I attend Chapman University in Orange, CA where tonight Rob Cohen did a Q&A after a screening of his film Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story. During the Q&A, someone asked what he thinks about Jackie Chan and Jet Li. In his answer, he confirmed that Jet Li will play the Mummy in The Mummy 3, which he is directing. He also said that the film will take place in China and Michelle Yeoh will also be in the film…Also, Jet Li will be the head Mummy in a group of Mummies that were the Teracotta army." Say whaaa? Jet Li as the head Mummy of a group of Mummies? Groovy. Yeoh's reps at Endeavor deny the claim but hey don't rule out the possibility of it happening. Read the rest of IGN's report HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Read IESB's review of the MUMMY 3 script HERE.
Source: IGN



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