Li vs. Statham trailer

I love that no matter how many times Jet Li says he’ll never make another action movie again, another action movie starring Jet Li pops up. Come to think of it, whenever a celebrity says they’re quitting the ‘biz’ they never actually do i.e. Jay-Z. Perhaps it’s a combination of the millions of dollars they’re offered, and the realization that they can’t do anything else and being a regular citizen kind of blows.

Having said that, the trailer for Li’s new movie WAR is insane. Not good insane, not bad insane, just crazy insane. It’s the most frenetically paced, quick-cutted, congested piece of movie advertising I have ever seen. It’s positively seizure-inducing. Jet Li reunites with his THE ONE costar Jason Statham as an assassin who kills the partner of FBI agent Jack Crawford (Statham). And like any good self-respecting FBI agent should, Crawford devotes his life to tracking down his partner’s killer. But why take it from me since Trailer Voice Guy pretty much sums up the whole film for us. Check it out over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: This movie was originally titled ROGUE, after the name of Jet Li's character, but it was changed when it conflicted with the title of a lesser known movie, about a man eating crocodile.
Source: Cinematical



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