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Liam Neeson is a praised survivor in the latest trailer for The Grey


Director Joe Carnahan's existentialist man-versus-nature thriller THE GREY recently screened at AICN's "Butt-Numb-A-Thon" movie marathon in Austin, where the intense Liam Neeson survival tale was met with great enthusiasm by those in attendance. If you don't believe it, check out this new trailer, which features blurbs by most of the Ain't It Cool crew and others who caught the chilly flick early.

Synopsis: Liam Neeson leads an unruly group of oil-rig roughnecks when their plane crashes into the remote Alaskan wilderness. Battling mortal injuries and merciless weather, the survivors have only a few days to escape the icy elements and a vicious pack of rogue wolves on the hunt before their time runs out.

The movie opens January 27th. Check out the trailer below or in HD at Apple.

Extra Tidbit: Think those hashtag and twitter credits in movie trailers will catch on?
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