Liam Neeson might keep the Battleship from sinking

I get a little chuckle thinking about what BATTLESHIP may have in-store for us curious viewers.

It's an odd project to say the least. The only two things that mildly interested me were Alexander Skarsgard and a bizarre plot involving aliens. Now the casting of another actor has me scratching my head.

Liam Neeson has joined the cast. Neeson will play the role of Admiral Shane, father of Brooklyn Decker's character. Decker is engaged to a young navel officer played by Taylor Kitsch. Will there be some potential son-in-law drama? Maybe something similar to the Liv Tyler/Ben Affleck/Bruce Willis storyline in ARMAGEDDON-- Kitsch won't be good enough for Decker in the eyes of Neeson.

Who knows. I'm still wondering why the hell Rihanna is in the movie. The photos of her in fatigues were just flat out awkward. Now according to some minor casting notes the singer is crew mate to Kitsch and weapons specialist. I just can't imagine buying her "expertise" on weaponry. The only thing I see her doing is throwing on a pair of booty shorts and singing about her umbrella or some shit like that. Filming on the movie began today.

Neeson, you are in good company with Skarsgard. Just proceed with caution. Lots of it.

Extra Tidbit: Neeson being cast brings up a question--How many of you actually enjoyed CLASH OF THE TITANS?
Source: Deadline



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