Liam Neeson reunites with A-Team director Joe Carnahan; Bradley Cooper does not

Director Joe Carnahan obviously enjoyed working with his A-TEAM stars, since he's reuniting with two of them.

Whoops, wait -- just one. Carnahan originally had Bradley Cooper starring in his survival tale THE GREY, but the Face Man exits, and Hannibal enters. A new plan came together, and Liam Neeson loved it.

Now it's Neeson who will star as the leader of an oil pipeline team whose plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, where the men face a tenacious pack of savage wolves. Carnahan previously described it as an existentialist man-versus-nature drama.

Tony and Ridley Scott's company Scott Free is producing. And while that project comes together, Carnahan still has a handful of others to consider including his Pablo Escobar drama KILLING PABLO and the adaptation of James Ellroy's WHITE JAZZ. Plus he has expressed interest in comic movies such as PREACHER and Marvel's C-lister TASKMASTER.

Extra Tidbit: Carnahan calls himself a "latent comic nerd" and had previously planned to make his comic writing debut with Marvel's Juggernaut or Taskmaster.
Source: Heat Vision



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