Liam Neeson will be stepping in for Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together... out of nowhere... thanks to Zach Galifianakis being a weirdo?

In a turn of events that's frankly pretty boring, Variety is reporting that the very tall, safe, and non-controversial Liam Neeson (UNKNOWN, THE A-TEAM) will be stepping in to fill out the cameo role of a tattoo artist in THE HANGOVER 2. That role was previously offered to Mel Gibson before Galifianakis and members of the film's cast and crew suddenly got all indignant and "revolted" that a known lunatic would be on their set punching their spouses or some shit.

"I just got a call to do a one day shoot on 'Hangover 2' as a tattooist in Thailand, and that's all I know about it," Neeson tells Variety. "I just laughed my leg off when I saw 'The Hangover, I was shooting in Berlin earlier this year and rented it on the hotel TV."

I love Liam. I think we all do. And I'm sure his inclusion will be a fun, smirk-worthy moment in the film. Hopefully he'll chomp on a cigar and say something Hannibal-esque to Bradley Cooper. But... it's safe, it's boring. And I guess I just don't really understand why Galifianakis and whoever else would be so up in arms about Gibson's inclusion. I mean, you had f*cking MIKE TYSON in the last one! And they could've really played up Gibson's part too. Played on the crazy angle. That would've brought some fun attention and more publicity to a sequel, that frankly, I and I'm sure others are completely indifferent about. Neeson... what's "Oh, shit!" about that?

Mel Gibson's career is apparently more f*cked than any of us thought.
Extra Tidbit: Remember when cameos used to be a surprise?
Source: Variety



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