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License to Wed poster

The poster below has me a little peeved. Robin Williams and Mandy Moore do not deserve to share a bed with John Krasinski, who I will lovingly refer to as Jim for the rest of this article (his character on The Office). The only person who belongs in bed with Jim is Pam, and when she sees Mandy Moore in bed with her true love, it's going to absolutely crush her. I know I'm living in a dangerous fantasy world, but I don't care, because me real life blows.

Below is the poster for LICENSE TO WED, a romantic comedy that surely can't be too great, or else the studio wouldn't be releasing it on July 4th, when the Autobots and Deceptacons are going to incinerate it along with the rest of the planet. What is Robin Williams' problem these days anyway? He's either doing direct-to-dvd thrillers (THE FINAL CUT, THE NIGHT LISTENER) or broad pointless comedies like RV and THE BIG WHITE (of course you've never heard of it). Perhaps he should pull a Stallone and bring back Mrs. Doubtfire.

As for you Jim, you're forgiven for this one. You're on a formidable TV show and your movie career is a budding rose. It'll take a while before it fully blooms so until then, little indescrepancies like this are forgiveable. And yes, you and Pam will end up together. It's God's will. Click on Mandy Moore's itsy bitsy face to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: With recent shitfests AMERICAN DREAMZ and BECAUSE I SAID SO, you need to pick it up too, Mandy.
Source: Slashfilm



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