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Like Crazy trailer is more sane than anticipated


One of the most acclaimed films out of this year's Sundance was LIKE CRAZY, starring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence, directed by indie favorite Drake Doremus.

The movie has Yelchin and Jones falling in love, but her UK visa expires and she gets stuck across the ocean as the two try to figure out their relationship. I've heard it best described as 500 DAYS OF SUMMER meets BLUE VALENTINE due to a blend of blissful romance and heavy emotion, and the first trailer for it is below.

It's got a lot of tender moments, and isn't exactly action packed, but I do want to see this film after how much I've been hearing about it. Check it out for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: Yelchin was born in Russia, and his parents were a famous pair of figure skaters in that country for a decade and a half.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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