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Lily of the Valley: This Week on Breaking Bad (Episode 13 / September 8, 2013)


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EPISODE 13: To'hajiilee


The beginning of the end. Walt leaves his empire behind to live life, while Jesseís alive, but dying on the inside. And then thereís Hank, whose gunning for the King. One wrong move could mean life or death, and at this point, itís still anyoneís game.


(The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). Suffice to say, I think shit has officially hit the fan. First off, the flash forward scenes are starting to make a bit more sense now (like Walt on the run with a bigass gun in his trunk), but we havenít seen enough yet to know just how much sense. I went on record saying that bringing Todd and his uncle into the mix wasnít going to be good for anyone, and from the beginning of tonightís episode we see why. No blue color? Who cares, itís got a hint of blue/green to it. Lydia isnít impressed, but after seeing what they did in the desert, sheís not likely to say much until she absolutely has to. I think it helps that Todd has the hots for her and she knows it. Iíd like to say thatís enough to keep her safe, but itís not. He didnít even flinch when Walt asked him and his uncle to kill Jesse. No hesitation whatsoever. Thatís a badass science ringtone though.

The Hank and Jesse play on Huell was pretty funny. Thankfully for them, Huell isnít too bright, and theyíre lucky they got him away from Saul because heíd have seen through that bullshit super quick. He dropped the ball on the money anyway, and that gave me the shivers. Okay, Waltís evil, I canít debate this factósomething nailed home by his visit to Brockís house. The fact that heíd implicate them in any way after what happened before is just cold. I cringed when he walked into that house and said hello to Brock. Yet, despite this, I donít want to see Walt lose his money. If he dies, Iím fine with that, but the money has to live on through his family in some way.

And even though he didnít come out and say it last week, we knew the job Walt was referring to was a hit on Jesse. Todd and his uncle arenít stupid. Theyíre players now, and theyíre learning the game fast. Asking Walt to cook makes sense, but thereís no way heís going to implicate himself again. Sure, heís telling them yes, but I just canít see him doing it. I also didnít think Walt was stupid enough to fall for Jesseís bluff. He feels desperate tonight for the first time in a while. The look on his face when he gets out to the desert and realizes heís been played was epic, as was the entire drawn out scene with Hank arresting him. The look in Waltís eyes when he sees Jesse spoke volumes. Walt was one step behind, and just like that, Hank puts Heisenberg on his knees.

BREAKING BAD SEASON 5's thirteenth episode is the true beginning of the end. Walt calls in his reinforcements, only to call them off once he sees Hank jump out of the car. I think we all knew they were still coming. The real question is, why did Walt call them off? Yes, Hankís family, but this is a tight spot and sending them all to Belize might be the only answer here. I was waiting to hear the whistle of a bullet, followed by the spray of blood across Waltís face as Hankís head exploded. It didnít quite happen that way, but I donít think Hank, Gomez, or Jesse will be walking out of the desert. If Hank dies, things will escalate on all fronts, as well as put Walt in Toddís uncleís back pocket. Hopefully Jesse doesnít blurt out something about the cash in an attempt to save his own skin. I could see that, but I hope Iím wrong. Weíll find out in a week.


Yes, the color matters.


Tonight Saul gives a star struck Walt Jr. some words of wisdom. Saul; ďDonít drink and drive, but if you do, call me.Ē


Three bitches in the desert. Weíre back in business!


Hankís prolonged takedown in the desert, but most importantly, the instant Walt sees Jesse and realizes heís turned on him. The betrayal in his eyes when he calls him a coward is the stuff of legend.



Extra Tidbit: Would Hankís death be enough ammo for Marie to turn Waltís entire family against him?



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