Lima wants Bond?

Fernanda Lima If we're lucky, one of Daniel Craig's aka James Bond's conquests in the upcoming Marc Forster directed BOND 22 will be none other than irrationally hot Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Lima. Some of you may have been misled by this article's title and disappointed that it wasn't referring to similarly delectable Brazilian Victoria Secret angel Adriana Lima but I think we can all agree, Fernanda isn't exactly chopped liver.

Our Brazilian friends over at Judão were kind enough to inform us that the Brazilian goddess has posted on her blog that she'd recently auditioned to be a Bond girl for the upcoming film. The posting is, of course, in Portuguese so those of us non-Portuguese speakers can't fully appreciate the experience. However, let's pray that, though this rebooted Bond is more serious than prior incarnations, just this one time the "smoking hot ass" criteria of a Bond girl outweighs any "talent" prerequisite.

Details on the film's plot are being kept in the strictest confidence (who knows what kind of glaring emotional spy insight Paul Haggis has in store for us this time!) but as soon as production kicks into gear in January, we should know a lot more.

Fernanda Lima

Extra Tidbit: Lima was at one point a VJ for MTV Brazil.



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