Lionsgate has Spirit

The Spirit After the enormous combined success of SIN CITY and 300, Lionsgate felt it was time to get into the Frank Miller business. They recently acquired the domestic and UK distribution rights to the noir drama THE SPIRIT, a live action adaptation of the 1940s Will Eisner comic of the same name, which Miller will direct from his own script. The story follows the titular masked crime-fighter as he defeats villains with cunning, expert know-how and (likely) melancholic, dramatic voice over. Production on THE SPIRIT is contingent on when the sequel to SIN CITY gets underway as Miller will once again be collaborating with Robert Rodriguez to bring us a second adventure of this hyper-stylized black and white world. Miller's samurai-in-modern- times comic "Ronin" was recently optioned and, in time, studios hope to turn Miller's entire body of work into a live action, CG-enhanced, hyper-stylized alternate reality. Because clearly that shit makes a shit-ton of box office moolah.

Extra Tidbit: The DC Comics one-shot "Batman/The Spirit", which debuted in Jan. 2007, by writer Jeph Loeb and artists Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone brought the Spirit into the DC Universe.
Source: Variety



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