Lionsgate raising Kane

Lionsgate has acquired the rights to the upcoming Eidos video game KANE & LYNCH for Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter to produce. According to the Eidos site, KANE & LYNCH is as such: "A flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath forced together on a violent and chaotic path seeking redemption and revenge. No means are too harsh as the volatile partnership is pushed beyond reason in this brutally realistic, character-driven third person action shooter..." The game does not have a set release date other than the generic "TBD 2007". KANE reteams Askarieh and Alter with Eidos who are working together on the Fox adaptation of HITMAN starring Timothy Olyphant. We certainly have come along way since the SUPER MARIO BROS. movie, huh? Now video games are picked up well before they're even released. Below check out a JoBlo.com exclusive piece of art from KANE & LYNCH, which you can click on to get a better look!

Extra Tidbit: Who was the better on-screen Mario: Bob Hoskins or Capt. Lou Albano?
Source: JoBlo.com



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