Liotta feels Blue

Ray Liotta doesn't get nearly enough good roles. I enjoyed IDENTITY, and I guess I could call HEARTBREAKERS a guilty pleasure, but when I see Liotta cast I want it to be as some guy who smashes a pistol butt into your head on your driveway, or ruins you with a snooker ball wrapped in a sock. Now it appears that Liotta has been cast as Jessica Biel's father in the upcoming ensemble piece, POWDER BLUE. Not exactly meaty, sure, but he will be playing an ex-con who has just spent 25 years in prison, hopefully we'll get some flashback where we get to see him beat someone to death with a dildo or something.

The flick follows the lives of four different characters who spend Christmas eve together. Forest Whitaker plays a suicidal ex-priest, Biel is a stripper, Liotta plays the father who wants to reconnect and a mortician is somewhere in the equation, but is yet to be cast.
Extra Tidbit: Liotta worked at a cemetery when he was in college.
Source: Cinematical



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