Listen to Clint Mansell's brilliant score for Noah streaming online now

With every Darren Aronofsky movie comes the prospect of a brilliant new score from composer Clint Mansell. Mansell and Aronofsky have collaborated on every film together and have created some of the most memorable movie music of the last twenty years. From REQUIEM FOR A DREAM's "Lux Aeterna" to the thrilling reinvention of classic music in BLACK SWAN, Clint Mansell is a masterful musician. Having experience composing for studio films before, Mansell's score for NOAH will represent his biggest cinematic project to date.

NOAH is getting a strong push from Paramount as we approach the release of the film in theaters tomorrow, which is why Spotify has made the entire score available online today. You can stream the score below and will most assuredly find Mansell is once again in top form. Like any great score, NOAH can be listened to as music but also as a powerful symphonic album on it's own. I especially love "The Fallen Ones" and cannot wait to see how that is realized on screen.

Check out the full score as well as some of the latest clips from NOAH below. NOAH opens in theaters tomorrow.

Source: Spotify



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