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Feb. 9, 2011by: Jim Law

Adam Sandler's 10 Greatest Moments

Believe it or not, there was a time when "the new Sandler movie" would get me excited each and every year. Yes, I was a twentysomething punk. Yes, I was drunk most of the time. Yes, I thought dick and fart jokes were hilarious (still do, actually). It's a feeling that has slowly died off in recent years. His opening weekends used to call for a kegger and drunk frolic to the theater with a dozen buddies. Now it might get an eye-roll and a re-visit to BILLY MADISON if I'm feeling frisky. So, with JUST GO WITH IT forcing it's way into theaters this Friday, I thought we could remember the good old days. I've already got the keg, you bring the gin & tonicas. SPOILERS AHEAD!
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