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07.23.2013by: Nick Bosworth

Comic Con: Top 10 Best Overall Costumes

If there's one thing that Comic-Con events around the globe are the most known for, it has to be the costumes that fans wear. Every year fans push the limits of awesome by creating very accurate costumes of their favorite sci-fi/fantasy/comic book characters or even take several elements and combine them into one outfit. It's to the point now where some costumes are so good that they might as well have come right off of a big-budget movie set. There were so many awesome costumes that I'd damn near need a top 100 list to cover them all. With that in mind I'm here to count down our top 10 favorite costumes/disguises at Comic-Con 2013.


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6:27AM on 07/24/2013

Where is the Hotties vs Geeks article this year??????

Did I miss it? I look forward to it every year!!
Did I miss it? I look forward to it every year!!
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