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Jan. 16, 2012by: Chris Bumbray

Sundance Film Festival 2012 Preview!

Itís that time again! Once again, I`m packing my bags, dusting off my passport (I`m Canadian) hopping a plane and heading off to Park City, Utah for that ten-day orgy of independent and world cinema known as the Sundance Film Festival! I`ll be there for the whole thing (Jan 19-29), and once again, I can`t even begin to do justice as to how excited I am. Sundance is like my super bowl, and the fact that I get to attend for is an incredible treat.

The programming gurus at Sundance have, yet again, chosen another exciting lineup of films to unveil. The following is a list of twenty films Iím particularly keen on seeing. Being Sundance, it wouldnít surprise me a bit if the real gems of the fest are totally under my radar, as that kind of thing has a tendency to happen at Sundance. Iíll never forget wandering into a press screening of MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE last year knowing nothing about it and being blown away. Hopefully a few of these will blow us all away once they start hitting theaters later this year.
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