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3 years agoby: Jim Law

The Ten Spot: The 5 Best & Worst Things About The Original Spider-Man Trilogy

There are many, MANY mediocre/decent things about the original Spidey movies. The suit (slick from a distance yet dorky when intimate with it's air-brushed on abs), Harry Osborn (except when he loses his memory in part 3 and becomes a retard), Aunt May and Uncle Ben, the special effects, the score, and, of course, the Bruce Campbell cameos. I'm here to share what I absolutely loved and what I passionately hated about the films. Here's hoping THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has more hits than misses next weekend. Let's start with the best.
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10:52AM on 07/01/2012

You missed somethng obvious from the WORST list:

The trilogy led to a sucky reboot.
The trilogy led to a sucky reboot.
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11:44AM on 06/29/2012

Solid list!

I can diiiiiiiig it!
I can diiiiiiiig it!
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