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09.03.2014by: Paul Shirey

The 2014 Fall Movie Preview

Now that the blockbuster season is over it's time to jump into awards season as the leaves begin to turn and we head into the cold months. Typically focusing on more complex fare, but not without extravagance or silliness, the fall movie season brings with it a series of entries that give your brain a bit more to chew on, albeit with a few deviations that let it take a comfortable nap. There's a healthy dose of cool flicks on the docket, from a sci-fi epic to a Biblical opus to a man-to-beast horror show to a WWII tank actioner to a murder-mystery to a battle-filled Hobbit film to a dictator assassination comedy to a stop-motion monster pic to a 20-years-late dumb comedy sequel and beyond. In short, whether it's Oscar bait or plain ol' escapism, there's plenty to satisfy all tastes as we bundle up into the next movie season.


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