The UnPopular Opinion: Top 5 Most Overrated Movies of 2017

Well Schmoes, as 2017 draws to a close we reflect on a year of ups and downs at the movies, both critically and financially. There were some surprises in regards to which highly anticipated movies lived up to their trailers and marketing as well as some dark horses that came out of nowhere to really steal the show. But, if there is one thing for certain, there are always movies that are highly overrated and underrated by critics and fans alike. As the UnPopular Opinion Guy, I felt it was only fitting to issue my list of the movies I felt that the masses got wrong. Some of these may shock you and some may just piss you off, but these are my honest to goodness perspective of the movies of 2017. If you disagree with any of the choices, please voice your own opinion in the talkback below. After all, the only opinion that really matters is yours, I am just here to share mine.

#1 - GET OUT

Jordan Peele has been called many things ranging from great to auteur. Yeah, he is a capable filmmaker who shocked everyone with a horror movie rooted in prescient current events. But, this story works more as an episode of The Twilight Zone rather than a feature film. Most of the twists and shocks in the story are telegraphed and easy to decipher. While I respect the film's timeliness and take on the political climate in the United States, the movie just doesn't work the way it should. Not being an African American shouldn't disqualify me from saying critical things about this movie because taken solely as a movie it is in no way deserving of the critical acclaim it has received.

#2 - IT

I wanted to like IT, I really did. As a die hard Stephen King fan, I was as excited as anyone to see a proper adaptation of his massive novel. But, IT just wasn't scary. Everything else works in the film: the kids are all perfectly cast and their chemistry is on point, but that is where it ends. If you take the supernatural out of Andres Muschietti's film, it stands equally alongside STAND BY ME as a coming of age tale. But, the overuse of weak CGI and jumpscares undermines the horror elements. Even Bill Skarsgard's attempt to differentiate his Pennywise from Tim Curry's beloved performance pales in the end.


Up until this year, I called myself a big Christopher Nolan fan. I was apologetic for any of the inferiority or weaknesses from his films until INTERSTELLAR. I hoped against hope that DUNKIRK would be a return to form for the filmmaker. Alas, DUNKIRK suffers from the same issues as Nolan's recent works in that it is technically proficient but lacks any sort of heart or emotion. Many have drawn parallels with this film and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, but at least Spielberg's film had a soul. DUNKIRK feels lifeless as it trods along from scene to scene without ever really invoking any feeling from the viewer. A massive letdown.


The top-grossing film of 2017 (at least until THE LAST JEDI finishes it's run) is also the most generic and boring movie on this list. While Disney has had luck with taking their animated classics and updating them into live action, every film prior to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at least had a modicum of originality. Bill Condon's rote musical is a carbon copy of the animated Best Picture contender and somehow makes everything look faker with CGI than it did with traditional ink and paint animation. Emma Watson cannot sing and the movie feels lifeless and hollow despite inspired turns by Dan Stevens, Kevin Kline, and Luke Evans. A complete waste of talent.


For all the hoopla around the unexpected box office success of the first major superhero film led by a female character, WONDER WOMAN was suprisingly by the numbers filmmaking. While I applaud Patty Jenkins for being able to break free from Zack Snyder's filmmaking style to tell her own story, the film is essentially the exact same movie as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, only this one is set during World War I. By no means is WONDER WOMAN a bad movie, it is just not a great one and nowhere near worthy of the acclaim that is being bestowed upon it.

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