The UnPopular Opinion: Top 5 Most Underrated Movies of 2017

Well Schmoes, as 2017 draws to a close we reflect on a year of ups and downs at the movies, both critically and financially. There were some surprises in regards to which highly anticipated movies lived up to their trailers and marketing as well as some dark horses that came out of nowhere to really steal the show. But, if there is one thing for certain, there are always movies that are highly overrated and underrated by critics and fans alike. As the UnPopular Opinion Guy, I felt it was only fitting to issue my list of the movies I felt that the masses got wrong. Some of these may shock you and some may just piss you off, but these are my honest to goodness perspective of the movies of 2017. If you disagree with any of the choices, please voice your own opinion in the talkback below. After all, the only opinion that really matters is yours, I am just here to share mine.


In a summer chock full of movies that bombed, THE MUMMY is the most puzzling. Designed to kick of a cinematic universe, THE MUMMY had a lot going on but it still managed to tell a rousing adventure that owed a lot to the Stephen Sommers/Brendan Fraser version of the horror story. Tom Cruise is excellent as the debonair soldier of fortune who becomes the unwilling vessel for Sofia Boutella's undead villain. I had so much fun with this movie that owes a great deal to classic movies like AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and other Universal flicks but still manages to be it's own fun roller coaster ride.


There are two types of movies: ones you dissect and ones you enjoy. Not every movie has to be both. JUSTICE LEAGUE is a movie designed to enjoy. Sit back and watch the team of iconic DC superheroes finally team up to take down a villain. As much as I enjoyed the darkness of MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE is just pure fun and action. It is glorious to see Henry Cavlll finally able to let loose and have fun as Superman (despite the atrocious mustache CGI). I also feel confident in what is to come from The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Hell, I feel better about GREEN LANTERN CORPS, too. This movie also cemented that Ben Affleck is the best Batman to grace the big screen.


Twenty years ago, I sat in a theater and absorbed the insanity that was Luc Besson's THE FIFTH ELEMENT. This year, I got to enjoy that same bonkers science fiction glory with a more ambitious scope in the form of VALERIAN. Lambasted by critics and ignored by audiences, VALERIAN is a movie that will have a much bigger following on disc than it did in theaters thanks to the balletic action sequences and stunning special effects. Many feel that Dane DeHaan was miscast in the lead role but I enjoyed his performance as an everyman gateway into Besson's passion project.


I was amongst the myriad fans who waited decades to finally see Stephen King's magnum opus hit the big screen. Obviously, with that amount of anticipation, there was bound to be disappointment with whatever the finished product would be. THE DARK TOWER is not perfect but it is the most unique type of adaptation in that it is more of a sequel than anything. Idris Elba belays all concerns about his casting as Roland. Matthew McConaughey is a good Man in Black. Neither gets the showcase they deserve, but this movie definitely sets up a bigger sequel which I hope we still get to see.


Guy Ritchie has improved with age even if audiences and critics have become far less forgiving. The ratatat dialogue and frenetic editing that are his signature are not as pervasive in this film as they were in SHERLOCK HOLMES or THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. but you still get the distinct flavor of a Ritchie production. Charlie Hunnam is perfectly cast as the put-upon Born King and Jude Law is a great villain. The marketing department dropped the ball on this film by not playing up the supernatural elements inherent in this retelling of the Arthurian legend which made it the most enjoyable big screen fantasy since THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

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