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05.06.2009by: AwesomeZara

Top 10 Awesome Moms

Over the course of my lifetime, I have been called many things. A bitch, a slut, a c*nt, the girlfriend most likely to be hated by all of her guy's friends, the ungrateful daughter, the flake, and most recently, the obnoxious, self-righteous fangirl. Out of everything that I've been called, the only term thrown at me that makes me do a double take and point at myself questioningly is "MOM!!" And for all the other people who have called me those above mentioned descriptives, that last is the one that makes them clutch their hearts and think, "Holy shit, SHE SPAWNED?" Yes, but not without purpose. Sometimes it gets me out of work duties ("I need to go pick up my daughter."), sometimes it gets me out functions I'd rather not attend ("Sorry, I couldn't get a babysitter.") and then sometimes it gets me another shot at guesting the Ten Spot. Keep in mind that I'm not the most conventional of mothers, so this list isn't about the best cinematic mothers of all times, just the ones who have helped guide my way through the murky waters of motherhood.


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