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Top 10 Awesome Movie Phone Calls

12.02.2009by: Jim Law
I tried coming up with my own top ten list of personal phone calls while writing this list just for shits and giggles. Other than the time my wife called me at the bar to tell me it was a boy, I got nothing. How sad is that? There's not one memorable phone call made to or from me in my entire life. No phone sex, no prize notifications, not even a death threat. Somebody give me a call and make the magic happen.

Honorable mention: A Glass Case of Emotion - ANCHORMAN

I could probably include a scene from this movie in every Ten Spot I've ever done if I tried hard enough. It's the mustache, without it this scene (entire movie) is 25% less funny. Fact.

10. Dinner Plans - SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

What if this conversation took place using Skype video chat? Does Clarice get just as creeped out when she see's Lecter's gay-bowler disguise? I smell a remake.

9. I'm In - THE MATRIX

There are a ton of quality phone moments in this film seeing how it's their main source of transportation from the real world into the black-leather-coolness of the Matrix. My favorite being when Joey Pants starts unplugging all the unknowns and thinning out the cast.

8. Are You Dead Yet, Honey? - DIAL M FOR MURDER

I once was talking to my wife when my son was using the potty and was nervous for all those involved. Imagine you had to listen to the dude you hired try and kill her and not know what's happening.

7. Best Crank Call Ever - PHONE BOOTH

I never thought an entire film set in a phone booth would entertain me but was pleasantly surprised by the time this film wrapped up. Has any one ever answered a public phone since this came out.


The first time you hear this line, "The call is coming from inside the house!", and you didn't expect it, you want to peel your skin off. It still gets my vote for creepiest moment ever. Especially when you watch at five-years-old.

5. Call Waiting - TRADING PLACES

I'll probably take some shit for this pick but I simply don't care. There aren't very many moments in film that can make me laugh this hard every time I watch it. Seriously, it never gets old for me. I've probably stopped writing 30 times tonight so I could watch it again.

4. I Love Black People! - JERRY MAGUIRE

I'm pretty sure every single phone call Tom Cruise makes is similar to this scene in one way or another. And watch how money Cuba is in this conversation. It makes you wonder what the hell happened all the more.

3. Herb's Not Here - THE BLOB

It's amazing how hard this scene still rocks after all these years. Scary as shit, violent as hell, and some sexy Johnny Drama mullet for that little bit of added awesomeness. There's no way Rob Zombie makes this better.

2. Wow! - SWINGERS

It's one of the saddest displays of manhood ever caught on film. I cringed less watching CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST than I did sitting through this two minutes of agonizing mess. Every guy in the world should come out a better person after watching this scene, and for that I'm thankful, I guess.

1. Blondie - SCREAM

Here's why it's number one: The immediate connection you feel with this film as a horror fanboy because of the trivia. The goosebumps you get blasted with once you realize what's going on. The brutalization of the film's biggest name and poster girl after she hangs up. The popcorn (I like popcorn). It was a perfect opening scene that set you up for how much fun the rest of the film was going to be and should be remembered as being the best moment of this franchise. Prove me wrong, SCREAM 4.

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