Top 10 Bruce Campbell Moments

My generation had tons of heroes to choose from when we were growing up. Some looked to Indiana Jones, others lived by the rules of G.I. Joe and He-Man. There was Fonzie, Ultra-Man, Bruce Lee, Adam West's Batman, Christopher Reeves' Superman, and even the original ambiguously gay duo, The Hardy Boys. My hero was a little different. My hero had a chainsaw for a hand. He killed his girlfriend, his sister, and his best friend all in the same night. He traveled through time with his boom-stick and destroyed evil in it's purest form. His name was Ash and he was the greatest thing to happen to me since I learned how to turn the TV on. Now that I'm older and wiser I realize he wasn't real. I've moved on and found a new hero. His name is Bruce.


There was never any doubt that this is Bruce's shining moment. The movies, the video games, the comics - it's all due to an unforgettable character created by a man on a mission. A man that taught himself to act, humbly sat by as his best friend became a billionaire, took time to talk to his fans, and never disappointed. Hail to the king.

2. BUBBA HO-TEP (2002)

A movie about Elvis and JFK fighting an evil Egyptian mummy in a nursing home just isn't going to be this good without Bruce Campbell. What could have easily fallen into campy slapstick crap took everyone by surprise and immediately stamped it's spot into a cinematic cult icon. The coming prequel sounds just as fun as Elvis has to deal with vampires and their lust for peanut butter and banana filled veins.


An absolute joy to read, Confessions of a B Movie Actor delivers everything you ever wanted to know about the man and the movies that made him famous. The behind the scenes stories about THE EVIL DEAD movies are worth every penny. From cover to cover it's a true inspiration to anybody that ever wanted to make it in the business and have a chin like a God.


Bruce added an entirely different kind of fan base with his portrayal of Autolycus "The King of Thieves" on both television series. A former circus escape artist, it was Autolycus' job to mess with Herc and Zena every few episodes and steal shit. All this while sporting a bad ass soul patch.

5. RUNNING TIME (1997)

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film ROPE, RUNNING TIME uses real time and the illusion of one long shot to tell the story of a heist gone bad. Very overlooked and unappreciated, Bruce is impressive in this dialogue driven drama with some heart. His usual goofy one-liners and physical humour are replaced by a fresh set of acting chops and more F-bombs than you can count. Check it out.


He's always joked how important his characters are to the Spider-Man universe. He gives the hero his name in the first movie and is the only man to defeat the web-head in the sequel as the Snooty Usher. He'll be in the third movie as well but not as a major villain, as everyone has been hoping for since Raimi took this franchise over.


Two short-lived television series that displayed the range of Bruce's skills but could never find an audience. In Brisco he was an ex-Harvard lawyer turned bounty hunter searching for the man who killed his father and Trades had him travel to the French-controlled island of Palau-Palau as an American secret agent fighting against people like Napoleon and what not. Both have recently been released on DVD for the first time.


It was a treat to see Bruce fly from the B-movie scene to starring beside people like Tim Robbins and Paul Newman. His screen time is limited here but, in typical Bruce fashion, he nails every scene he has and makes you wonder why he never got a chance at more roles like this. It could be because this movie tanked at the box office and probably still hasn't covered it's budget. This is not Bruce's fault.

9. SKY HIGH (2005)

Coach Boomer has a pivotal role at Sky High. His earth shattering word is final when it comes to being a hero or a sidekick. Bruce is perfect here with his no nonsense approach to humiliation and deadly physical education classes. He's hard to impress and his own super power is questionable at best but just remember, when he drops that car, you better catch it.

10. MANIAC COP (1988)

Bruce takes a stab at being the leading man without Sam Raimi behind the camera and finds himself chasing down a cop who just happens to be a maniac. His character, Jack Forrest is trying to track down this giant headed killer and proceeds to make himself look guilty every time he gets near him. All his hard work is for nothing though as Jack shows up in the sequel and dies within the first five minutes.

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