Top 10 Bunny Moments on Film

This is another one of those lists that starts out as a drunken conversation between myself and my trusty Godzilla action figure. I continuously bring up hilarious scenes involving bunnies while laughing so hard I can barley tell the difference between my 22oz bottle of Zima and my puke bucket. Godzilla just stares at me, mouth gaping. When I sobered up (3 and a half days later) I realized this might actually work because Easter is coming up and everybody knows that Easter is the worldwide celebration of bunnies, or something like that. So have a very happy Bunny Day and always remember to never let a 12 inch plastic Godzilla doll with light up eyes and removable tail challenge your alcohol inspired brainstorms.


The most foul, cruel, and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. It's got a vicious streak a mile wide. It's a killer. What more can I say about the guarder of the cave of Caerbannog? The humour in this film might not be your cup of tea but I dare you to watch this scene and not soil your armour. Run away!


There's something to be said when a boiling rabbit carcass is the one thing the audience remembers about a movie that features one of the fantastically eerie acting performances in the history of film. Glenn Close is crazy, that much is clear, but it's not until she throws the Gallagher family bunny in a stove top pot that we realize she needs to be killed.


If this film ever reaches reality and the end of the world is to be attributed to giant mutated rabbits eating everything in their path, it's going to be awesome. How hard would you be laughing if you saw a humungous bunny eating a cow in your front yard? My only fear would be dying from hysterics and not getting to see that image above coming after me before I die.


In a film that still mesmerizes me every time I see it, Roger Rabbit comes off as the ultimate hero. He can't help but screw around even though he's being framed for murder, he wins the love of a toon hating detective, he's banging the hottest woman to never exist, and saves the day in the end by melting someone. How is there not a sequel to this movie?

5. DONNIE DARKO (2001)

You know everything is not right in your world when you start seeing a man named Frank dressed in a demonic bunny costume and glowing eyes that insists the world is going to end in 28 days. That, and you were once BUBBLE BOY. Of all the things in this movie that make my brain hurt, Frank the fucked up bunny succeeds the most. The day I figure out what's going on in this story - this paragraph will be longer.


As if Ralphie's (Peter Billingsley) life doesn't suck enough, his aunt sends him a handmade pink bunny suit for Christmas and time stops in the Parker household until he puts in on for his mother. The things kids will do to get their hands on some firearms.

7. MALLRATS (1995)

When Jay and Silent Bob mistakenly hold the Easter Bunny responsible for Brodie's (Jason Lee) ass kicking they set course through the mall to confront the hairy bastard. What starts out as a unfair beat-down quickly turns into a royal rumble as all the horrified kids in line decide to stand up for their chocolate delivering hero and attack.

8. ROGER & ME (1989)

It's odd that we're supposed to feel bad for Rhonda Britton as she's shown bashing her pet rabbit unconscious and then skinning it for profit. These may be the heartaches of unemployment but I personally would have been happy had someone punched her in the face and hung her on a meat hook. I've never owned a pet bunny but still cannot sit through this scene without fast-forwarding.


As if looking at him wasn't enough, the Coen brothers decided they needed a way to prove how heartless Randall "Tex" Cobb's character is during his hunt of H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage). As we'll find out again later, there's no better way in showing this than killing rabbits. Tex tosses a hand grenade at a scurrying little critter across the desert and then proceeds to blow away a lizard with a shotgun. Badass.


I wasn't a huge fan of this movie but found it hard not to giggle at the utter stupidity involved with this enormous vegetarian monster terrorizing the annual Giant Vegetable Competition. The floppy ears and oversized teeth are lovable but there's something haunting about that ass. Thank God they caught him before he started shooting out bowling ball sized rabbit-turds.

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