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Mar. 19, 2010by: Gino Pagliuca

Top 10 Fantastic Fugitive Getaways

In just a few days from now (March 19th, to be exact) Jude Law will be portraying Remy, a repossession man who goes around collecting artificial organs from past-due recipients (great job!) in Universal Pictures' REPO MEN. Unfortunately for Remy, he falls behind on his payments and now he has to go on the run in order to avoid being repod himself. It got me thinking about how many other awesome characters have had to run, hide, cheat, and steal their way through life to clear their name or, in the very least, survive the entire movie. Which makes that title pic up there kind of ironic. That's the worst getaway ever. When running from the authorities, the one thing to avoid at all costs is becoming a couple of mangled MILFS at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
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