Top 10 Favorite Indiana Jones Moments

Welcome to Indiana Jones week on JoBlo.com. I haven't been this excited since I saw Thomas Jane almost kill a guy at Comic Con last year. I'm sitting in my office right now with nothing on but a fedora and a worn out man-purse. I'm typing this story from ten feet away with a bullwhip. That last sentence took 3 days. Quite simply, I believe Henry Jones Jr. is the greatest character ever created and that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK is filmmaking perfection. Without either I wouldn't be writing for this site....... naked. Excuse me while I geek-out.


Rarely does a movie make me sit on the edge of my seat, literally. I love how Indy gets back into the cab of the truck and punishes the driver the exact same way that was done to him. I love the little nudge to the motorcycle and the smirk that follows. The music is flawless, the action is non-stop, the Wilhelm scream is in the house, and Indy triumphs in the end. There's nothing else better in the world. Get your ass to the theater this weekend. You owe him.


What has easily become Indy's most famous moment is more than just cheap laughs. It's common sense. Like I said earlier, the guy just does whatever we would do and it's moments like this that make him the hero of the every day man. Always shoot the man with the giant sword. Dr. Jones is always teaching.

3. The Mine Carts - TEMPLE OF DOOM

This scene blew my mind when I was a kid. You don't know how many times I almost killed myself firing around the supermarket parking lot in a shopping cart trying to relive this shit. I don't care if you can tell they're puppets most of the time. I don't care if Willie ends up saving the day. I don't care how ridiculous that track jumping moment is. This is quality entertainment.


Let's slow things down with a little bit of lovin' from Indy's most important lady friend. Harrison Ford is brilliant in this scene, from getting clocked with mirror to telling Marion (Karen Allen) his elbow hurts, and then finally falling asleep just as things start to steam up.

5. Young Indy - THE LAST CRUSADE

A little cheesy but a lot of fun. Not only do we get to watch the late and great River Phoenix work some magic (literally), we also find out why Indy hates snakes, where that scar on his chin came from, how he learned to use a whip, and where his overall image originated from. I like to believe all this shit didn't happen in the span of five minutes but hey, movies can only be so long.

6. The Bridge - TEMPLE OF DOOM

I left this clip rolling a little long just so you could see the the crocodiles feast on Mola Ram after kissing the mountain side three times. I love that shit. I also love when Indy busts out with three different languages in one scene.


What we thought would be Indy's last action sequence doesn't disappoint. While the slapstick comedy dominates the innards of the tank, Indy busts his ass on the outside so he can make it to that mystical bar and do some shots out of the Holy Grail.

8. The Fertility Idol - RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

Indy's very first action scene seems a little tamer than I remember it in the theater 27 years ago but it still gets your heart beating to see that boulder come rolling down on top of him. How different a character would he have been had he lost his hat behind that stone wall?

9. The Bike Ride with Dad - THE LAST CRUSADE

I had to include a moment with Henry Jones Sr. so I picked this, the most action packed father and son moment of the series. This might change if Shia is who everyone thinks he is in CRYSTAL SKULL. You gotta love Indy's desire to impress his dad as he sits in the side-car and winds his pocket watch.

10. Club Obi-Wan - TEMPLE OF DOOM

As much as some people don't care for TEMPLE, it's filled with awesome action sequences like this one from start to finish. We also get our first glimpses of two iconic Indy characters. Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) almost single handily ruined the entire franchise while Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) made Asian kids fun to be around.

Honourable Mention: The Nazi - RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

Dr. Jones always seems to react to situations exactly as we want him too. Somebody please knock that f*cking Nazi out. Done. I've always admired the knee to the face that pops the hat up. He's like an ass-kicking magician.

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