Top 10 Favorite Movie Moments of 2010

Just because it hasn't been the greatest of years for movies doesn't mean they still didn't have their moments. Of course, I haven't seen every film that came out in 2010 yet so my list might be considered incomplete but I'm just going to go with what I've been able to fit in. This will be my last Ten Spot of the year (there will be a guest reader submission in a couple weeks) so let's stop the talky and start the reminiscing.

1. Asses Kicked - KICK ASS

Hit Girl has three entrances in this movie that are usually reserved for the icons. From the moment she steps off the elevator in this particular scene you knew there was something legendary in the works. By the time it was over I had a new hero.

2. They Wouldn't, Would They? - TOY STORY 3

Before I struggled to hold back the tears near the end I was busy picking my jaw off the floor during this gut-wrenching moment that literally left me breathless. The animation, the music, the character reaction, it all left me frozen in time.... while hiding my eyes behind my 4-year-old's shoulder.

3. The Hotel Within a Dream Within Another Dream - INCEPTION

I love this scene, but still don't understand it. Why doesn't JGL wake up from the kick of the van driving off the bridge? Still, the stunt coordination, the anti-gravity effect, and the unique nail-biting problem solving of Arthur make for pure illogical entertainment.


This was the first moment in a long time that actually made me clap and cheer in a movie theater. Hale Caesar's gun spraying bodies all over a tunnel will do that. Why would anybody ever use another type of gun? This one does it all.

5. Underwater Ballet - PIRANHA 3-D

There were a couple moments from this film that almost made the list. The hair in the propeller, the topless slice, the JAWS homage, Jerry O'Connell's pecker, they all have a special place in my heart. Nothing burned itself into my mind more than this though, with it's beautiful visuals and skanky undertones.


It's Lee that fills Pilgrim in on the whole "Evil Exes" thing. It's Lee that puts a serious ass whooping on Pilgrim from the get-go. It's Lee that can do that thingy on the rail. He had the best marketing, the best beard, the best stuntmen, and the best death, in my opinion. Lucas Lee FTW...... even in losing.

7. Enter Whiplash - IRON MAN 2

Two or three more scenes like this and I have a completely different opinion on this film. As it is, this is really the only great Whiplash moment we'll ever get. Unless you count the three second final battle. I don't.

8. Jail Break! - JACKASS 3-D

I could have closed my eyes and basically picked any scene involving Bam Magera from this film and it would have been good enough for this list. Dude was on his game this round. The jail break wins because of the attention to detail with the costumes and the absolute carnage going on while they make it through the hallway.

9. Boston Accents Rule - THE TOWN

Sure, there's some great action in this film but I couldn't get this exchange between Affleck and Renner out of my head after it was all over. Great acting, great writing, great fence.

10. Fessal Go Boom - FOUR LIONS

The way he was running already had me in tears but by the time Fessal trips while holding two bags of explosive material and blows himself up as he lands on a sheep, I had to press pause and get a paper towel.

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