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Feb. 26, 2009by: Jim Law

Top 10 Funniest Movie Drunks

Make no doubt about this, friends - I am shit-faced right now. I felt it was a state of mind required for the topic at hand and its after 11:00 am somewhere. Throughout my career I think Ive been a pretty fun drunk. There was the time I went for a run on my buddys treadmill, naked, in the middle of a party. The time I dangled from a bridge while walking to Ottawa from Hull, Quebec (I couldnt read the signs saying not to. They were in French). Ive shot roman candles out of my mouth, pissed all over my weight bench because I thought it was a toilet, hailed a cop down because I thought it was a taxi, and ate an entire test-tube after doing a shot of Jag at Cobo Joes in downtown Detroit. Who wouldnt want to hang out with me? Same goes for these guys below. Get us a couple kegs, some bottles of rum, and a box of diapers and youve got yourself the party of the year.
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