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Top 10 Movies that Marvel Needs To Make Next

08.01.2014by: Alex Maidy
At Comic Con last week, Marvel made no formal announcements about upcoming films aside from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2. We know there is a DOCTOR STRANGE movie coming but nothing aside from sequels have been officially announced yet. With multiple films already scheduled through 2018, here are our top 10 Marvel Comics that need to be made into feature films. Some are story arcs and some are character debuts, but these all deserve the big screen treatment that only Marvel can provide. If your favorite didn't make the list or you disagree, voice your opinion in the talk back below. NOTE: This list only reflects characters and stories that can connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so no X-Men or Spider-man will be included.

#10 - Eternals

Marvel took a big risk with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and it looks like it will pay off, so why not take on another challenging and not hugely well known comic team. Actually, The Eternals represents a full race of beings that could easily combine the space opera elements of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY with the Earthbound superheroes of THE AVENGERS. It is a broad and immersive concept for a comic but could make for a cool movie.

#9 - Ghost Rider

Forget the Nicolas Cage movies. Now that Marvel has control of the character again, there is a chance we could get a project along the lines of Netflix's DAREDEVIL series that can do justice to the flaming skull. There is so much potential and inherent coolness in Ghost Rider that it is a damn shame we haven't seen it delivered properly in a movie.

#8 - World War Hulk

Yeah, I know that World War Hulk and Planet Hulk do not fit into the business model for Marvel seeing as it would be a waste of money on Mark Ruffalo if you cannot see him on screen, but there is a lot of potential in making an AVENGERS VS HULK movie. Using these story arcs as a jumping off point, Marvel could turn a fan favorite hero into a villain/anti-hero that would also shake up the dynamic of their cinematic universe.

#7 - The Punisher

Like GHOST RIDER, forget the movies already made with this character. The potential for a cross-over with DAREDEVIL is palpable as is the potential to make a really faithful adaptation of the character's tale. I highly doubt there is an R-rated PUNISHER coming from Disney any time soon but if we can get a DAREDEVIL with the potential we are hearing about so far, why not Punisher?

#6 - Moon Knight

Moon Knight may be the coolest character no one ever talks about. Imbued with the powers of an Egyptian god, Moon Knight is a combination of Doctor Strange and Batman and would represent another minority rarely seen in comic movies: a Jewish superhero! He has been a member of The Avengers and has crossed paths with Strange and Daredevil. Moon Knight is obscure enough that Marvel can reintroduce him and blow audiences away.

#5 - Captain Marvel

Some scoff at a female-led superhero movie as the best characters are all in the X-MEN universe, but Captain Marvel (don't call her Miss) has a lot of potential. Marvel is not wilting flower or Supergirl clone. She can hold her own with the big boys and can unite several franchises as well as carry her own.

#4 - Black Panther

We are all waiting for this one to be officially announced as Wakanda and Vibranium have played a role in several MCU films so far. While he may not become an Avenger, Black Panther is a strong character that mainstream audiences may not be too familiar with but I am sure would love on the big screen. His history with Iron Man could make for a nice team-up if Robert Downey Jr doesn't want to shoulder the entire load of a movie himself.

#3 - The Inhumans

These heroes have already been teased as a possible future Marvel film, but the connection to Thanos, Star-Lord, and Nova is too direct to pass up. The MCU is headed in the direction of unveiling these characters and with Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, and Adam Warlock at the center, this could be the kick off for a whole new range of superhero movies.

#2 - The Infinity Gauntlet

All signs point to THE AVENGERS 3 as being the collision point of Thanos, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers. Bringing what has been built over all the phases of the MCU so far will make for a spectacular summer blockbuster and one that can only be rivaled by a single storyline...

#1 - Civil War

THE AVENGERS showed distinct and volatile heroes becoming a unit and AGE OF ULTRON will further that. After the third film invokes the Infinity Gauntlet, why not shake things up and force a split down the middle? Cap versus Iron Man would make for one hell of a movie plot and I can almost feel Chris Evans facing off against Robert Downey Jr as one of the must see super hero movie moments of all time. This must happen before either actor leaves the MCU.

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