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Jun. 16, 2010by: Jim Law

Top 10 Movie Characters that Didn't Really Exist

My three-year-old son frequently picks up the phone in my house and talks to Spider-Man. It's usually pretty short, some simple "Sup? Wanna come over and fight with swords?" type questions then hangs up and fires off the nearest wall at the speed of light. I never had any imaginary friends when I was little, they were too cool to hang out with me. Everybody on this list exists only in the minds of certain characters within the films. There's no ghosts (sorry Lloyd, in THE SHINING) or futuristic premonitions (sorry Frank the Bunny, from DONNIE DARKO), they're all just figments of some fucked up imaginations. Like my son's - a man who is also a spider? What the hell is that?

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