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Dec. 29, 2011by: JimmyO

TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2011 (According to JimmyO)

It is a strange concept to put together a top ten list. How can you put HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 up against THE ARTIST? Each film achieved greatness on its own merit. Yet it is that time of year again, where we all balance out how every motion picture we experienced ranks amongst the others. Every feature on my list affected me in a unique and powerful way, making 2011 an especially difficult year to narrow it down to only ten.

One of the themes I appreciated most this year was the homage given to cinema itself. Both THE ARTIST and HUGO presented a loving tribute to a bygone era of silent pictures. This is especially important in a digital age where shooting on film is near to becoming a lost art. Both of these films serve as reminders of how magical film was when it began, and of course, how it still can be. Even SUPER 8 and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN touched on the nostalgia of movies with equally compelling results. From Spielberg inspired science fiction to Marilyn Monroe, all the way back to the birth of talkies this may have been my favorite recurring theme in movies for quite some time.

Aside from SUPER 8 and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, there are a number of terrific films that are also worth mentioning. The twenty year spanning career of a rock band, alien invasion, or the devastation of a love affair gone wrong, each of these tales would have felt right at home on my personal top 10. THE DEVILS DOUBLE, ATTACK THE BLOCK, CAPTAIN AMERICA, BELLFLOWER, THE SKIN I LIVE IN, PEARL JAM TWENTY, THE MUPPETS and Finchers THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO all left a strong impression and happily returned me to movie theatres throughout 2011. Lets all hope that 2012 brings a new year of enthralling big screen adventures, large and small.
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