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Nov. 12, 2008by: Jim Law

Top 10 Movies that Would Make Good TV Shows

I was watching that new 'Crash' TV spin-off the other day and came really close to killing myself. Of all the movies out there primed for a small screen life, this is the one they thought would work? I took one look over at my DVD shelf, came up with this list, carved it into a brick, and threw it through my television just as Dennis Hopper was embarrassing himself with another ridiculous monologue. I loaded up the first season of 'Friday Night Lights' and basked in the way it's supposed to be (I wish Kyle Chandler was my coach, dad, best friend, and hetero-life-partner). With all the TV shows making the leap to the big screen lately I thought it would only be fair to reverse the trend. 'The Sheild' ends in three weeks, 'Battlestar Galactica' is wrapping up early next year, the writers of 'Heroes' couldn't hide the fact that they're punch drunk and got fired, and 'Dexter' is becoming a pussy. What better time to invade pilot season with a slew of unoriginal concepts that already have fanbases and character names? If any of these happen before I die somebody owes my ass some money.
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