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Top 10 Roles Dwayne Johnson Was Born To Play

07.25.2014by: Alex Maidy
Dwayne Johnson burst onto the movie scene as a WWE wrestler with charisma to spare. He jumped to feature films but floundered in mediocre projects until just recently. With high caliber turns in G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, FAST AND FURIOUS 5 and 6, and the brand new HERCULES, the future looks bright for the man formerly known as The Rock. With tons of big movies on his horizon, here are the ten roles he almost seems destined to play. Check out our picks and see if you agree. As always, voice your opinion in the talk backs below.

#10 - Transformers

Dwayne Johnson has already worked with Michael Bay on last year's PAIN AND GAIN, so why not bring the massive actor in to the world of TRANSFORMERS? What has been lacking until the recent AGE OF EXTINCTION has been a movie star to lead the franchise. Sure, Mark Wahlberg is cool, but Dwayne Johnson is someone you could practically see go toe to toe with a Decepticon.

#9 - Samson & Delilah

With Biblical movies the trend du jour, why not go back and make a big budget take on the classic story of Samson and his incredible strength. Hell, this could be a dramatic turn for Johnson who has shown some range in movies like SOUTHLAND TALES, GRIDIRON GANG, and more. Giving us a large scale period film mixed with action could make this the next GLADIATOR.

#8 - Predator

In case you didn't know, Shane Black is making a sequel/reboot to the John McTiernan original. So, who better to step into Arnold's shoes than Johnson? He played a similar role in the maligned DOOM movie and could do a hell of a job going against the invisible game hunter in the jungles of Central America. Or, make it an urban setting and it still would work. What I am basically saying is make PREDATOR with Dwayne Johnson.

#7 - Venom

While Johnson appears to have hitched himself to DC Comics, Marvel's upcoming villain film about Spider-man's symbiotic nemesis would work great with The Rock in the lead. He has the body type to really make Venom imposing and could do some seriously cool motion capture for the part. Sure, he doesn't fit the traditional Eddie Brock look, but the guy is so damn charismatic he could make you hate and feel sympathy at the same time. You need that if you are going to make the bad guy the star.

#6 - Lobo

Johnson has been lobbying for this role for years and for good reason. The smart ass anti-hero Lobo would make for the most intriguing secondary character to lead a comic book movie since BLADE. The resemblance is already a bit uncanny, so why not just make this happen?

#5 - Conan the Barbarian

If anyone should be in a remake of CONAN it should be Dwayne Johnson. Already the closest thing we have to another Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnson has made a sandal epic in THE SCORPION KING that was anything but epic. Sure, it was his first movie but it still felt incredibly forced and could have had a lot of potential. Using the established Conan universe would allow for new films to be made with a younger star and still be faithful to the archetype of what we envision Conan to be.

#4 - The Terminator

Yes, another Arnie classic. From all accounts, once the new trilogy of rebootquels are done, THE TERMINATOR could start with a new cast, crew, and story. So, why not use Dwayne Johnson as the physical specimen to be another T-800? Or, better yet, make him go against the Skynet armies and kick some ass for humanity? Or, bring him into one of the new movies to go opposite Schwarzenegger. Now that would be epic.

#3 - Shazam

This one may actually happen based on recent hints and clues, but I am going to say right now that I think Johnson would make a better Black Adam than Captain Marvel. Still, he has shown a love for childhood with his self-professed fandom of various characters and series, so who better to play a character that is a child than a child at heart? SHAZAM!

#2 - Flash Gordon

I don't know why I didn't think about this before, but Dwayne Johnson is basically the real life Flash Gordon. He played football and now saves the world from aliens. So, combine the two and give us a new FLASH GORDON with some edge? And don't cover up his tattoos for the character. It is 2014, we need a modernized take on some classic characters.

#1 - He-Man

We joked last year that Channing Tatum was cast as He-Man, but why not Tatum's G.I. JOE: RETALIATION co-star? The guy already looks like He-Man, so take the next logical step and put him in the role. The goal is to make a big budget MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie and you really need an established face to fill the loincloth. From the looks of HERCULES, that could very easily be a He-Man movie. So, someone call Brett Ratner and have him CGI in Skeletor instead of John Hurt and turn that giant boar into battle cat and we are good to go.

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