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Top 10 Sam Jackson Hairstyles

02.15.2008by: Jim Law
Ed. note: Filling in for Jim Law as guest Ten Spotter this week is JoBlo.com news editor Dave Davis. The illustrious Samuel L. Jackson has become one of my favorite actors, largely because I admire his willingness to tackle any type of material. Regardless of how the movie itself turns out, he always brings something interesting to a role. On many occasions, that happens to be some curious fake hair glued to his domeÖ

Honorable Mention: AFRO SAMURAI

Although Jackson only supplied his voice to the taciturn artery-opener of the title (as well as motormouth supporting character Ninja Ninja), that dangerously excessive manga mane deserves a nod. As does the stylish hyper violence of this brief animated series.


The movie may be brand new, but this stark white cottonball brain cap already deserves to be on the list. That fuzzy creature would look unnatural on almost anyone, yet atop Sam Jackson it demands respect. Or at least acknowledgement. If thatís the general direction heís going, I can only imagine what heíll have on his head as The Octopus in Frank Millerís upcoming comic book flick THE SPIRITÖ


While hats, caps and facial scars (and whatever was slathered on his cheek in two XXX movies) have become part of his on-screen repertoire, Jackson also keeps things lively on top with unruly objects like this man-Medusa shock of coiled mini-serpents. Unfortunately, no amount of radical thatch (or abuse of Eugene Levy) could make this movie funny.


With a forehead stolen from the Predators and a noggin sculpture somewhere between Gizmo from GREMLINS and Monchichi, Samís bluesman may not know much about fashionable hairstyles, but at least he has the sense to take Christina Ricci into his home. And chain her to a radiator.


SoÖ Samís a redhead? Sure, okay. Maybe heís Black Irish. In this psychological police showdown with Kevin Spacey, Jacksonís framed cop wears a wiry auburn skullcover that would seem more at home on co-star David Morse. Or a brush handle.


A few years ago, Jackson publicly disparaged the notion of rapper-turned-actors. So itís ironic that he'd not only work with everyone from LL Cool J to Ice Cube to 50 Cent, but also that the Snoop-style cornrow braids adorning the lid of this kilt-clad chemist would definitely be at home on a hip-hop head. (Bonus: Jackson kicks off the movie with a bushy beard and mad afro).


With a zany mass of natty tentacle-like dreadlocks, Jacksonís mentally disturbed vagrant looks like a cross between some shambling refugee from the Wailers and one of the alien extras from the STAR WARS prequels. Speaking of whichÖ


STAR WARS fans who anxiously waited since childhood for another visit to that galaxy far far away probably never envisioned that Jedi Jackson would be one of the oh-so-very-few redeeming qualities in the prequels. The Jedi Council has a low tolerance for vanity, so his Shaft-like midichlorian master avoids complicated facial fuzz and keeps the scalp au naturel, possibly using that funky purple lightsaber for a real smooth shave.


As Ordell Robbie, the ornery Bridget-boinking gunrunner of Tarantinoís felon opus, Sam showcases an unidentifiable ensemble of braided tresses and full-frontal face fur. Now that is some fucked-up repugnant shit.


Mr. Glass, the fragile but well-dressed adversary of Bruce Willis (another rug king giving a rare follicle-free performance), displays some painful-looking high-hair, a peculiar lopsided coif that made Gumby seek compensation for trademark infringement.


It's the infamous Ďdo that launched Jacksonís trend of masking male pattern baldness with a wide array of occasionally realistic but often suspicious hairpieces. Julesí iconic Jheri curl mop (and accompanying chops and 'stache) seemed so natural for the character, at the time viewers probably didnít even realize he was the same cat who got capped by Joe Pesci in GOODFELLAS, had dinner with Jack Ryan in PATRIOT GAMES or became a raptor meal in JURASSIC PARK.

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