Top 10 Topless Scenes You Might Have Missed

You ever sit in your basement and talk to a porn star on the phone while looking for rare nude scenes from movies on the internet? This was my Friday afternoon. I'm going to invent new levels of creepy before my time on this site is done with. None of these might be new to you (who's creepy now?) since all it takes is a couple minutes and a computer to find any and all of these but I just thought I'd throw a bunch together and see if I can't catch you off guard. No real order here, nude boobs are nude boobs.

1. Kelly Monaco - IDLE HANDS

Easily the most popular scene on the list but I had to include it just in case anybody missed it. Kelly is an incredibly hot woman stuck within the mediocrity of daytime television. How women the likes of Paris and Lindsey get more fame and film roles than her puzzles me every time I drink. Because that's what I think about when I drink.

2. Reese Witherspoon - TWILIGHT

Yes, that Reese Witherspoon. No, not that TWILIGHT. They should have just spliced this scene into the new series of films of the same name as a sort of reward for anybody that didn't want to be there. This was first time I looked at Reese and wasn't awkwardly fascinated with her powerful jaw.

3. Rachel McAdams - MY NAME IS TANINO

Rachel has had tons of steamy sex scenes with plenty of fleshy glimpses. This one is special because it looks like some sort of softcore porn and there's no hairy dude groping her. She needs to be in more movies, naked or not.

4. Molly Ringwald - MALICIOUS

Back when Molly was the queen of the teenage dramedy nobody really wanted to see her boobs. Then her audience grew up and she pulls this stunt and says "look at what you were missing, losers." Respect.

5. Mischa Barton - CLOSING THE RING

I've never been a big fan of Mischa but I can appreciate a whole generation of guys wanting to see her naked after hours of having to sit through 'The OC' with their girlfriends. I went through the same thing with Jennie Garth.

6. Holly Marie Combs - A REASON TO BELIEVE

If one of your life goals is to see every female lead form the TV show 'Charmed' naked, consider this the last piece to your puzzle. Personally, I've never seen an episode but it's good to know I have this info in my back pocket for when the time is right.

7. Emily Blunt - MY SUMMER OF LOVE

I love me some Emily Blunt so this was easily one of my favorite finds. As you can see, I really think she needs to take more roles like this. There's a real perkiness about her that fills out the character perfectly.

8. Alison Lohman - WHERE THE TRUTH LIES

There's lots of sex going on in this film, and it usually involves a 15-30 second close-up of Kevin Bacon's ass. By the time Alison finally lets loose you almost miss because you're hiding behind the covers. Kevin Bacon's ass is very frightening.

9. Julie Andrews - S.O.B.

I was forced to watch MARY POPPINS and THE SOUND OF MUSIC far more than I'd like to remember when I was a kid. So, years later, when I caught a glimpse of her nips on cable I felt very wrong for doing so and went to my room for two weeks. I was 30.

10. Gillian Anderson - STRAIGHTHEADS

For all those Sci-Fi geeks that always wanted Scully to throw down her gun and give in to Mulder's porn obsession, we finally get to see the goods. She also whips them out in THE TURNING.

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