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01.24.2008by: Jim Law

Top 12 British Hotties

Holy f*ck, are there ever a lot of British actresses I've never heard of. I thought I had a handle on the situation by getting caught up with those wacky HARRY POTTER movies and sitting through three seasons of Footballer's Wives. Turns out there's more to it than that. British people are everywhere. All week I've been Googling "British Hotties" and fighting through the 40-50 pages dedicated to Hugh Laurie and Orlando Bloom sites that haven't been updated for five years. Hopefully it's all paid off. As always, my criteria is weak - 95% hotness, 5% career. This allows me to include woman like Keeley Hazell for having one acting credit to her name (as "Naked Girl" none the less) and leave off much more talented old ladies. As much as I bent the rules though, I couldn't find room for Katie Price (although her impact is still present - see above) and dodged a bullet when I found out Emma Watson was born in France (she's 17). For now I'll just take a deep breath and wait until you strike back below to find out who I missed. I will then write witty and personal hate-filled replies to your posts and read them to my Godzilla doll before deleting them. It makes me feel better.


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