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Nov. 18, 2009by: Jim Law

Top 12 Coolest Vampires

If I was undead, who would I want to hang around with? That's the way I had to approach this bitch. The last thing I want for my afterlife is to be hanging out with Edward Cullen at an all-ages nightclub dancing to that ridiculous new 'Fireflies' song while he bounces his sparkle off the disco ball. Fuck that. And fuck him. I have never been so confused as to the popularity of a movie character. I don't care if you're a horny little teenage girl, a lonely soccer-mom, goth, or gay - dude looks like a mildly upset SpongeBob SquarePants character that's constantly trying to break free of the industrial strength plastic-wrap that covers his face. Let's just get started before I lose my focus.
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