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Jan. 28, 2009by: Jim Law

Top 12 Suicides That F*cked Me Up

I wanted to call this "My 12 Favourite Movie Suicides" until I started thinking about the scenes and my uncontrollable cringing set it. It's never a satisfactory result when some random character offs themselves. The evil dude does it and you think he's getting off easy. The hero does it and you feel like someone just killed your dog. Below are some of the hardest scenes I've ever had to sit through (except for the honourable mention). To narrow it down I've left off characters that were on the verge of dying before they handled it themselves. This knocked off some classic scenes in ALIENS, PREDATOR and IN BRUGES just to name a few. So sit back and enjoy your super-sized collection of death. I know I didn't. MAJOR SPOILERS!!!
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