Little Fockers gets a new poster which keeps milking the 'fockers' joke

I thought the original MEET THE PARENTS (8/10) was a great movie. It was unique, it featured palpable antagonism between Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro's character ("You a pothead, Focker?") and many memorable scenes that cracked me up, including that very funny pool volleyball sequence. The film went on to make $166M which automatically meant a sequel entitled MEET THE FOCKERS (4/10) in which they thought it'd be funny to cast Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman was decent, but the movie sucked. Unfortunately for us, it still made a killing at the box-office ($280M), which meant that a 3rd film was also inevitable. Despite a 6-year wait, the third film, LITTLE FOCKERS, is now prepping for release on December 22, 2010 and has already released a pretty unfunny trailer so far. Director Jay Roach, from the first two films, did not return for this third go-around, replaced instead by Paul Weitz, whose career seems to be going downhill since ABOUT A BOY in 2002. Here's the film's poster for you...

Extra Tidbit: Ben Stiller was considered for the part of Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY a few years ago. The part eventually went to Johnny Depp.



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